Travel tips

Space Needle - Day

Dona Paula Beach

Space Needle is a 605 feet tall tower in Seattle with an observation deck where you can dine and enjoy the panoramic view of Seattle .

You need to buy a ticket and you can stay on deck as long as you want.

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Space Needle -Night


Space Needle looks beautiful in night. It is surrounded with Seattle downtown which is very livrely in night. Whether you watch from downtown or from freey while travelling back from islands - the structure looks spectacular.

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Seattle Downtown


Seattle  downtown and sea coast is walking distance. You can view downtown from Space Needle and then walk towards coast and Pike place,


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Downtown - night

Zuari Bridge

Seattle downtown is more lively in evening.  Good sea food restaurants, clubs are open in evening.

There are many festiva, events organized thought out the year.

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Places to see

Space Needle Fireworks


Special fireworks are organized on space needle on new year eve. Dec 31 is special eve. Seattle downtown and area around Space needle get filled around 8 PM.








Washington Tour


Washington is beautiful state.  It has beaches, mountains, islands, lakes, on the western coast of the United States. The state is approximately 200 miles (300 km) wide from its western beaches to its eastern deserts bordering the states of Nevada and Arizona.

Mount Rainier

Vintage Car Museum

Mount Rainier is tallest mountain in North West USA.  It is a favorite training place for mountaineering. The beautiful mountain is visible from Space needle, Seattle and Bellevue buildings.  It is located just 2 hour drive from South of Seattle. It is open in summer and you can enjoy a scenic drive.  This is major tourist attraction - you can enjoy drive, hiking and ski. 

San Juan Island

South Goa

Located on Pacific Ocean,San Juan is a favourite tourist destination.San Juan Island  is a combination of many small islands namely Lopez,Fiday Harbor,Orcas Island and San Juan.Friday Harbor is the most visited Island on San Juan.Whale Watching is the most favorite activity on San Juan.Whale Watching tours on boat are avilable everyday from June-Sept.To reach San Juan Ferry is the most convenient mode.

Leavon worth


Leavonworth is a famous tourist attraction in Pacific northwest.Surrounded by cascades this Bavarian village is known for its Grand Christmas Celebrations and  enchanting scenic beauty.Lake Wenatchee,Alpine Lakes Wilderness and Leavonworth plain are some of the visitor attractions in Leavonworth

View towards Sea


Seattle downtown and pike place is located on sea. The view in summer is very beautiful. If you are visiting seattle reserve one day for Seatle downtown and Pike place